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FAQ / Methodology
Why an External Consultant:
Organisations normally feel the need for outside help because:
  • Management requires an independent, third party opinion, either to confirm a decision or to provide alternatives.
  • Management believes that performance could be better but is not sure what to do to gain improvements.
  • Management does not have the specific knowledge and skills necessary to solve the problems it has identified.
  • Management has the necessary knowledge and skills but not the time or personnel to solve problems.
  • Management’s efforts have not produced the desired improvements.
  • Often a situation will require that a consultant be retained until in-house capabilities are enhanced by a permanent staff addition.
As a consultant, we help the management of organisation to define and achieve their goals through improved resource utilisation by identifying problems and / or opportunities, and recommend solutions.
Key Consultants not only propose change; but also help implement it.
We Analyze and evaluate operating procedures & policies and then make recommendations based on findings & help solve a specific organizational problem or concern within the company.
Help Senior Managers, Teams & Departments to develop and implement strategies to improve performance and results.
Before any exercise is undertaken, it is essential to get the consensus of Top Management Team to identify:
  • Organisations Vision & Goal – both Short Term & Long Term.
  • 5 – 6 most critical Challenges facing the organisation.
  • Steps taken (so far) & its status.
Once these are identified, then the processes of creating solution can start.
This is done thru:
  • Activating executive and management team sponsorship for effective strategy management
  • Creating Consensus and clarity about Vision and Business Goals & Methodology.
  • Planning and listing Responsibilities & Quantifying Key Result Areas for improving performance.
  • Aligning customer and user expectations with improved customer relationship management.
Our Role:
  • Collaborate with management
  • Act as Mentor & Advisor
  • Transmit knowledge
  • Be an independent observer
  • Serve as a facilitator
  • Act as change agent
  • Provide recommendations

The Key to success was in Designing Goal Oriented Policies which are:

  • Easy to Communicate
  • Easy to Understand
  • Easy to Implement and
  • Easy to Monitor.